How we work for you

Link2lenders is a referral based financial technology (fintech) company providing both consumers and lenders a comprehensive financial online support solution.

We are a company that offers comparison services for consumers applying for a loan and insurance.

We have a direct relationship with multiple lenders in Jamaica, (banks, credit unions, micro lenders, private lenders, building societies) and we negotiate with multiple lenders to get the best loan to fit your needs. Please note that we are not a loan company!!

We are a “one-stop support company” for all your borrowing needs.

• Never wait at the bank
• Never fill out any initial paperwork
• Apply from the comfort of your home, office, while you’re traveling, on your phone
• We verify all your information using technology
• Our up front service to you is free !!! We only get paid when you get your money.

The process is secure, simple and convenient:

Step 1: apply online using a simple online application form

Step 2: within 24 hours, our in-house finance manager will contact you via phone call, text or WhatsApp to verify your information and collect any documentation that the lenders may require.

Step 3: using our secure cloud based platform, we send your application to multiple lenders to negotiate the best loan option for you.

Step 4: we call you with the best loan offers from multiple lenders – you choose the loan that’s right for you.

Step 5: we advise the winning lender/bank of your choice. The banks will start to prepare the contracts and agreements for you to sign.

Step 6: we want to take our service a step further!
We can have the lenders/bank documents and agreements brought to you to sign at the comfort of your own home or at work.

Step 7: wait on your money